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Your Insulin Dose Might Need an Adjustment

Although you've been on Lantus® for a while, it's important to realize how certain things in your life may have changed over time and how that may affect your treatment.

Changes in your diet, level of activity, and the amount of stress in your life can all affect the way your body uses insulin.

Because of these and many other potential ways that your glucose levels can be affected, you can benefit greatly from a detailed discussion with your doctor. Using your blood sugar log as a guide, he or she can help determine the treatment plan that best fits your situation.

Now is the time to fine-tune your dose to your unique needs. Talk to your doctor today.

If your dose is too high, your blood sugar levels can become too low, and you might experience symptoms of hypoglycemia.

If your dose is too low, your blood sugar levels can become too high, and you might experience symptoms of hyperglycemia.

Speak to your health care professional to understand the symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and how to minimize the risk of occurrence.

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Utilize the Lantus®DOCTOR DISCUSSION/
to talk with your doctor about reasons your
blood sugar levels can change