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For your patients controlled on Lantus®


The Legacy of Lantus®

  • Lantus® is the most prescribed long-acting insulin in the US market1,a
  • Lantus® has been prescribed over 211 millionb times for more than 2.2 million patientsc
  • No products are currently approved to be interchangeable with Lantus®2-5
    • There are no generics available for Lantus®
  • When it comes to coverage and cost, Lantus® can still be your choice for patients

You chose Lantus® for over 18 years.1 You can still choose it now.

aBased on TRx data from IMS Health, NPATM monthly database, time period from September 2016-August 2018.

bIMS data as of December 2016.

cIMS Anonymized Patient Level Data as of May 2017.