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Reasons Your Blood Sugar Levels Can Change

There are many reasons why blood sugar levels can vary. And each person faces challenges that are unique to them. If you have questions, speak to your healthcare professional.

Download and print this Doctor Discussion/Q&A Guide to check off concerns you have about effects on your blood sugar levels and talk with your doctor about your concerns.


Not getting the right dose of insulin

Your body has unique needs. Even if you've been taking insulin for an extended period, many variables, including the reasons listed below, may lead to a need for a change.

Other medication

Additional diabetes medication, as well as medicine that you may take for other conditions you have, can have an effect on your glucose levels.



Sickness as common as a cold can change the amount of sugar in your blood. The more severe the illness is, the greater the potential for change.


It's important to get plenty of liquids. When not properly hydrated, your body's level of glucose can rise.

Menstrual periods

A woman's menstrual cycle has various effects on her system, including a possible drop in her blood sugar levels.


Short or long-term pain or injury can cause your body to release hormones. This release can lead to an increase in your glucose levels.


Anxiety and stress

Day to day drama that you might not consider substantial can have a real physical effect, resulting in a change in the amount of glucose in your blood.


Alcohol can have a definite effect on sugar, especially when it's consumed on an empty stomach. This can lower your blood glucose levels.

More exercise

Whether you're taking more trips to the gym, or simply running more errands, any increase in physical activity can make your body more sensitive to insulin, and affect your glucose.

Keep track

Make notes on your printed out Doctor Discussion Guide about the issues you would like to discuss with
your doctor.

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Utilize the Lantus®Doctor Discussion/ Q&A Guideto talk with your doctor about reasons your
blood sugar levels can change